Dual Distribution Strategies: are they right for me?

By December 29, 2016Business

The beauty of marketing is that it’s evolutionary. There’s nothing static about it – nothing at all.

Technological advancements have changed the way we communicate. Today, instead of posting letters, we transmit messages by email, SMS and MMS. We post updates on Facebook, we Tweet, instant message and Ping Chat. Likewise, nearly half of all Australian small businesses now have a small business website.

But it’s not just digital communications methods that have evolved. Over the past 25 years, I’ve noticed distribution strategies also deviate massively from tradition. Today, more and more businesses are using a dual distribution strategy. Click onto the link to read more about the benefits and disadvantages of this dual selling approach.

When considering using online distribution it is very beneficial to consider an appropriate domain name. This one, for example, contains the keywords relevant to a specific industry:

VetStudentLoans.courses is the domain name. As you will see, it contains four vitally important keywords, relevant to the industry in which the domain name is used: Vet Student Loans Courses.